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Are the events in the Calendar US base, International? 

The events based the answer is the events are all US-based organizations


What is your success rate? (Compared to other services)?

 Our clients have been successful many with more than 4 -5 booking in less than a year. We also have a very high retention of clients.  I can not speak on other services' results but having spoken to 100 s of speakers there indications are they have had less than satisfactory experiences with other services.


Can you target specific industries and areas? 

  No, we have 200 events in many industries each month, but all topics will be business topics and solution-based events


How do you get your information?

 I have years of experience in the industry working with speakers as an agent doing mostly relationship building and outbound promotion and have a large assortment of contacts and events from this work


Do you have different plans? Rates?


Yes we have 3 options

50 events per month for $147 per month

100 events per month for $247 per month

200 events per month for $397 per month



Do you have virtual and in-person events? 

 They will be both represented in the Calendar many events are now positioning themselves for Live in the Summer and fall, and some are TBA on the format as they gauge the best path for the event, there is an equal selection of virtual events.  You can go to the website for testimonials if you have not already visited the site. 


How many subscribers do you have?

We only give access to 100 speakers per month

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